Round 2 : Leipzig

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The second round of the CremaCross STXC series took place over the weekend under mid-summer like conditions in Leipzig, also part of the BDO FeldTest weekend. Located in the heart of Leipzig, the Scheibenholz Horse-track turned out to be the perfect venue for a fast, twisty and turny course. Riders started the laps by the catering tent at Feld Test, heading immediately over a tall barrier, before re-mounting on a grassy section, through a garden maze and on to a gavel section. After negotiating a few zig-zags through an open pavilion, riders dropped down a short steep descent before immediately charging back up an old concrete tribune and remounting. The it was full on the gas down another short descent, out around and back the stables that had some nice single track. Spring flowers in full bloom and graffiti along the buildings backside created a colorful tunnel for the rider as they rode back in. Some tight serpentine corners around several big trees, riders then had to pick their way through a tight stand of trees. A tight maze through some very loose gravel was the only thing left separating the riders from the finish.

Race series leader Arne Thoma took the early lead in his effort to defend his series lead against little over a dozen other riders. Robert Krügel, Robert Busch, Ken and the rest of the field were in hot pursuit. By the end of the first lap, it was a three-man show, and like CriticalDirt’s second day of cross racing, it was the trio of Krügel, Thoma and Bloomer off the front. On the third lap Krügel dropped off the pace but stayed close, leaving a dual between Arne and Ken. Feeling the effects of the previous day’s 200km Breve, Arne couldn’t hang on the remaining two laps, but maintained his points lead with a strong second place. Krügel would easily roll in not too much later for 3rd.

Post race celebrations concurred on how fun the format and race was, and high-fives and smiles were abound among the exhausted participants. CriticalDirt had special representation on their ‘home’ soil with Gerolf Meyer, Hans Witte and Björn Röhricht rode together in the ‘Slow Motion Riders’ team kit. Our youngest rider put the big boys to shame riding a fixed gear with slicks on the course that definitely favored mountain bikes – nice work! Arne walked off with yet another Biciclista series leader’s jersey, and a pair of Smith Optics V90 glasses (Ken forfeited his prizes as the organizer – so 2nd 3rd & 4th got the top three prizes). We will post official series points after tallying up the standings from Berlin & Leipzig.

Next stop is Freiburg, which will present a whole new set of challenges for the racers to include some rollers, doubles and fast banked turns. Racing will be tight just as in the past couple of events.

Photos courtesy René Krug – more photos here

In the Groove

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Our boy David Guillot provides the perfect stoke to get the season going. Check this clip out as David rallies his custom IF 29er around some trails in France. David will be dropping in on a couple stops of the STXC 2011.


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The season is now officially open. We kicked the doors wide open to the 2011 riding season in style at the Berliner Fahrrad Schau in Berlin this past weekend. Thousands of people turned out to greet the season in the halls of the Berlin Station where a wide variety of exhibitors displayed their goods and wears as we did along with a little something called short track racing…

A dozen riders turned up for the opening round in the German capital on a mix of indoor & outdoor racing. Starting in the halls of the show, riders stormed across the concrete and pave before exiting stage left for a short stint in the fresh air. Immediately outside they were greeted with a series of whoops before a steep descent, followed by a short shape climb. Around the next bend was a sweet step down, then a long section of gravel leading the riders back to the hall. Through the doors, riders dropped down a set of stairs, and shot back into the halls. After navigating a few sharp bends and a fairly rough wooden rhythm section, riders only needed to master the pump track before returning to the start/finish line.

The group was split into two heats with each doing three laps to see who the top 4 would advance. The finals were 5 laps and saw recently crowned CCC cyclocross cup champion Arne Thomas dominate the day with Stefan Geiss from Nicolai and Stijn of Stijn Cycles in hot pursuit. Arne donned the Biciclista Leader Jersey having taken first race in the series and is the points leader. Also for his efforts, Arne won a sweet Timbuk2 bag, a stainless King Cage went to Stefan and Stijn took home an official CremaCross STXC cap. Our two youngest riders in the field each won a set of ESI grips.

Thanks to the Berliner Fahrrad Schau for a great course, to all of the riders and spectators that cam out and to our sponsors: Chris King, Biciclista, 3T, King Cage, ESI Grips, Waridi Sport Lights, Swiftwick Socks, Dugast, Timbuk2 and Smith Optics.

Back to the roots

Back to the roots

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The idea of putting on a short track mountain bike race series stems not only from the swelling popularity currently being experienced in the US, but also from my youth. Like many kids growing up in the seventies, BMX was it.

Back in the day, bmx was just starting boom, tracks were popping up across the US and local bike shops blossomed into colorful displays of anno parts, bright colored frame pads and number plates, rad nylon mag wheels and checkered board shoes.  My bmx bike was not only my ticket to explore the local woods and venture into other neighborhoods, but my first foray into bike racing.

Summer weekends were spent out at 7Ponds BMX track just north of my hometown Burlington, Iowa. All of us kids would have our parents drive us out to the track where we would just turn laps, jumping and playing around until it was time to race. Even then we were all too antsy to take it serious, we were just excited to be riding our bikes. Afterwards we would all go swimming and riding the waterslides.

During the weeks there were a number of riding spots around town we would hit, trails in the woods and parks, small tracks in friends back yards or just improve ramps set up in the middle of the street. We would ride well past the time street lights came on the locusts and crickets sang in the evening chorus. Riding the bmx bike was a way of life that set the tone for the future.

Throughout life I have always found myself wandering back to the bmx track, be it on my mountain or cross bike, I love to pull laps and play around just like I did when I was in my adolescence. While living in Colorado and racing pro mountain bike, I even bought myself a 24″ Bontrager BMX Cruiser and did the local races going up against the kids…great times! I had so much fun racing on those long summer evenings and just hanging out. It had such an impact we put on a cyclocross town series where we ran a couple of the races on the bmx track, pulling doubles on cx bike is pretty rad.

There is something pure about bmx racing, the bikes are simple, single gear, no-suspension and format makes for good times as well. I guess that is why cyclocross is gaining so much in popularity – I call it 30-something bmx racing. The format, bikes and racing are as simple as bmx. Short track also encompasses these things along with an relaxed informal atmosphere.

The CremaCycles Short Track Series is all about fun, challenging courses, an easy format of racing for all to take part in, and maybe a return to our youth and the pure enjoyment of riding our bikes.

CremaCross STXC 2011

CremaCross STXC 2011

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CremaCycles proudly presents the 1st Annual CremaCycles Short Track Series.  The race series is set to kick-off in Berlin, with events following in Leipzig, Freiburg and Munich. Each course will have a unique flair and different style of course. Riders will compete for points at each event, points going to the top 16, with the overall winner claiming the overall series win – a Chris King component group¹ of choice. Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 finishers in the series, with trophies and prizes to the top 4 at each event. In addition, for each race entered, participants will earn a raffle ticket and a chance to win a steel frame of choice from CremaCycles which will be given away at the final event in Munich.

Stolz präsentiert CremaCycles die erste Ausgabe der CremaCycles Short Track Series. Start der Rennserie wird in Berlin sein. Rennen in Leipzig, Freiburg (Breisgau) und München folgen. Jedes Rennen hat sein eigenes Flair, jeder Kurs seinen eigene Charakter. Die Fahrer kämpfen in jedem Rennen um Punkte für die schnellsten 16. Dem Gesamtsieger der Serie winkt eine Chris King Komponentengruppe¹ seiner Wahl. Preise gibt es für die schnellsten Fünf der Gesamtserie sowie Trophäen und Preise für die schnellsten vier Fahrer jedes Rennens. In jeden der vier Rennen erwerben die Teilnehmer zudem ein Los und die Chance auf einen Stahlrahmen der CremaCycles. in München, beim finalen Rennen wird dieser Gewinn verlost.

Please go to STXS 2011 or Dates & Venues to find all information you´ll need.

STXC Teaser

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Our Teaser is now online, ready to make you hungry on our upcoming Short Track Series!

Watch it!

Boulder STXC

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